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Our Chiropractors

Dr Patrick McPhie (Chiropractor) graduated from Macquarie University in 2004 with a Masters (MSc) of Chiropractic and has been in private practice in the thirteen years that have followed. He has worked in Glasgow, Scotland, Sydney, Australia and from 2009 until the present day Dr McPhie has worked in Melbourne Victoria as an associate chiropractor for Kiro Kids (2009 - 2014) under the guidance and tuition of Dr Neil Davies (Chiropractor) until opening Insired Health Chiropractic in 2013.


Dr McPhie began teaching the Neuro Impulse Protocol in 2009 and is a key member of the N.I.P international teaching team. He presented and taught at the inaugural Neuro Impulse Protocol Symposium in Hong Kong 2010, Sardinia 2013 and most recently Tenereife in 2016.

(03) 9578 5147 - Ormond

(03) 9748 2700 - Altona

Christopher Mcphie graduated from Macquarie University, Sydney, in 2012. He knew right away that he wanted to practice NIP due to its grounding in science, its specificity and ability to quickly make changes to peoples function. Dr Chris has a keen interest in getting people feeling better so that they can use this as a spring board to improving their overall health. He has a keen interest in sport and exercise, he enjoys lifting weights, running and footy. Early on in his career he was influenced by reading Simon Sineks Start with Why, and since has strived to continually improve his knowledge diving into the neurology of what makes us and drives us. His keeness for understanding helps Chris provide in depth appreciation of what is at the core of people issues. Dr Chris continues to indulge himself in Nutrition, Exercise and Sleep science to provide a well rounded approach to Care.

" My Professional career as a chiropractor changed when I met Dr Neil Davies (Chiropractor) at a seminar where he was teaching the Neuro Impulse Protocol  known as N.I.P. To be able to see the significant changes that this particular technique achieves was amazing. From that moment I decided that I would work hard and pursue NIP to become highly skilled in the technique. Years later I was invited to work with Dr Davies and further my understanding of NIP and be closely tutored in chiropractic paediatrics.. I found that people really enjoy the gentle nature of the technique and the fact that there is no cracking or being placed in uncomfortable positions during adjustments. Since using NIP exclusively I have seen amazing changes to people's health and well being from newborns and kids through to adults.I now look forward to being the chiropractor of choice for Ormond and the surrounding suburbs of Bentleigh, Oakleigh, Carnegie, McKinnon, Caulfield and Malvern East. "