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Ormond 3204. Victoria Australia

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Altona Inspired Health Chiropractic

Address: 3/421 Blackshaws Road,

Altona North 3025. Victoria Australia

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The technique we use at Inspired Health Chiropractic is the Neuro Impulse Protocol (N.I.P) A chiropractic technique based on brain function and how it is the brain that controls how our body works, together with joints and muscles, respiratory and digestive systems and all other organs.


N.I.P is a full-body form of assessment and as such is able to assess many joint and muscle issues in your body including neck, back, pubic, hip, knee, ankle, foot, shoulder and hand problems. It does not just focus on the joints, but also all the muscles of the body with the ability to correct muscular and joint dysfunction.

N.I.P is very gentle, precise and there is no cracking and no twisting you up into uncomfortable positions and as such, many patients come from far away to receive N.I.P chiropractic.


We are able to demonstrate significant changes in motion and strength after your adjustment (Correction) in most instances.


Due to the gentle and precise nature of NIP, it works very well in infants and newborns.


Our chiropractors are specifically trained in in the care of newborns, infants and children.


We are excited to be here when you need us and have Clinics located in Ormond and Altona North to allow service to the surrounding areas Ormond, Bentleigh, Oakleigh, Carnegie, McKinnon, Caulfield and Malvern East, Williamstown, Yarraville, Werribee, Point Cook, Melton, Bacchus Marsh.


(03) 9578 5147 - Ormond

(03) 9748 2700 - Altona