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Kiro Kids Altona

Kiro Kids Altona is now Inspired Health Chiropractic. It is only a name change, you can still expect the same level of service, same chiropractors practising the same techniques and providing services the whole family can benefit from.


Beloved Kiro Kids Altona practitioner, Patrick McPhie, has established a loyal and dedicated base of patients with his application of the Neuro Impulse Protocol (NIP). NIP is a highly specific and gentle procedure that involves a low force adjusting method.


Patrick will continue to provide his professional chiropractic services at Inspired Health Chiropractic, located at 3/421 Blackshaws Road, Altona North. This practice offers the entire family chiropractic services in a friendly and relaxed environment, with an atmosphere of friendliness and clinical excellence.


If you have been to Kiro Kids Altona in the past to see Dr Patrick McPhie or Dr Chris McPhie, this change means that they will continue to provide the same excellent care utilising NIP into the future.


Contact us now on (03) 9748 2700 to enquire about our chiropractic services or to make an appointment.

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